Monday, February 20, 2006

Some scattered ideas

Better late than never...

It is a pity that the workshop that has turned out to be so fruitful will soon be over. I get a little comfort from the certainty that many blogs & podcasts that were "born" in this workshop will stay and perhaps grow. Hopefully, that will be true for the community. Why not keep the YG platform open? Plus this collaborative blog here, of course.
Since some of the participants conducted wonderful bubbleshare experiments: I plan on exploiting that recklessly :-) Some of the things that appear to be feasable: I love to work with cartoons in the classroom (Calvin & Hobbes and Zits are my favourites, Hägar and the like follow closely) - so students could either create their own cartoons or use ready-made ones like the ones mentioned above (copyright issues?), "dub" them, and - alas - here is a little animated cartoon! The same could work for the ill-famous foto "novels" that we all might know from magazines geared towards teenage girls. But that could be great classroom activities. I'd love to test it with a little Calvin & Hobbes sequence myself, but this very week is way too packed to even think about it.
Another plan would be - and I think someone else already mentioned it - to "twin" two classes from different countries and make them introduce their places, favourite .... (insert whatever comes to your mind here) and so on. The potential seems to be endless. Combine that with a collaborative blog and "real" podcasts - and you'll have more material than you'll ever be able to use. And that's just the beginning of web 2.0 - incredible. In that respect, the little cartton is not meant that seriously :-)

So many ideas, so little time...

But I don't want to finish this post without saying Thank you to all the moderators - Sus in particular - of this workshop and to all the active participants. It's been a hugely stimulating experience - especially if you see all that ugly conflict out there in the world. That we all can cooperate so marvellously should give us some hope...

Thank you,



Blogger anitanita said...

Dear Uwe,
I like your idea with cartoons! I believe students would love it. Thanks for the suggestion.
And... can you imagine the joy of students on the field trip, posting their photos with audio comments in such a slide show? Live commentary straight from the scene:)
I agree, the potential seems to be endless.

12:15 AM, February 21, 2006  

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