Thursday, January 12, 2006

Welcome to the Electronic Village Online Collaborative Blog

Electronic Village online: Collaborative blogging in ESL /EFL

Together with Jane Petring, Montreal and Anna Koorey, Sydney I am co-moderating the Collaborative Blogging in EFL/ESL session.
We wish to encourage participants to explore possible uses, and to create their own blogs as a collaborative project for the peer exchange of ideas and knowledge. We plan to promote elgg as one such useful blog environment.

We're having virtual guest experts in weekly synchronous sessions such as James Farmer, Bee Dieu, Salvór Gissurardottir and Steve o'Hear - dates are not yet finally negociated, but we will probably be using Elluminate in Learning Times for our live meetings

We already have about fifty registered participants, and there's still room for more - because of the tradition for having peer webheads already somewhat experienced with us, we consider this an opportunity for knowledge sharing and experimentation, not "Teaching"!
Please register before January 16 when we begin - the session is for six weeks?

PS Did I mention these sessions are free, and we work as volunteers!

PS PS the Electronic Village online also offers ten more highly relevant course/workshop sessions, and I think that we're all Webheads co-moderators!


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