Saturday, April 08, 2006

Teacher students in Denmark working with blog & wikis

Hello - I've ben pretty busy the past weeks, experimenting with a pilot course for Danish teacher students at Zahle's Teacher Seminar in Copenhagen. They're heading towards their final exams, but first they had a media project, combined with using online multimedia tools. The web 2.0 tools and strategies were new to themselves as well as their regular teacher, and I was called upon to bring in some inspiration and hands-on knowledge on the matter. We worked in a computer lab for 9 hours, and they thei gave oral presentations supported by their wikis, most groups using video or audio. Next term, I'll hopefully get more involved at an earlier level, as multimedia literacy skills will become part of the new students' intro period!

This was an interesting venture for me as a newcomer to the place and with my previous experiences as an educating person, more into collaborative peer learning than instruction, and happening mostly all online. This was also different for the reason that I'm more used to think and write in English about such matters, and there were many details about how to use tools that I found more difficult than expected to share in Danish. We'll continue developing the wikispace and blog that was started for this purpose.


Blogger red rose said...

It is very interesting,I want to experience such methods too.would you please give me more information about that?

5:02 AM, May 13, 2006  

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