Monday, March 06, 2006

Danish language summer camp in MInnesota - complete with bikes

Learning language while on a bike trip is blogged by Jane Petring in Quebec. Today I stumbled over a Danish language project -in Minnesota where many Nordic settlers have roots. This place, called Skovsoen, (the forest lake) is offering bike rides as part of the course plan.
I thought it was a fun coincidence, also because Jane actually does speak a little Danish, as she was an au pair working north of Copenhagen way back in the past. Too bad we did not meet by then. I'm sure we could have found something fun to do together.


Blogger Jane said...

The Home Page for the Concordia Language Villages is here: I think I told you about their programs last year--they do a terrific job at teaching a wide range of languages to children (and some adult programs too!) You're right that Minnesota was settled by Danes and Norwegians, so indeed, the camp's first languages were Scandinavian. I sent my son there a couple of years to learn Spanish. He loved it!

6:53 AM, March 26, 2006  

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