Saturday, January 21, 2006

Any connection between blogging and school planning?

Christian Long, UK has a very thought provoking and wellwritten blog with long reflective articles on edublogging. In todays' post he writes about the unexplored territory of trying to tie together the world of 'school planning and design' with the explosion of blogging.

I'll just quote one sentence here and hope to get help from others reading this article and commenting or blogging about this viewpoint - this is really food for thought.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Which tool and host for our global EVO co- blog?

For the EVO co-blogging 06 workshop we have been considering different blog host solutions. In our virtual laboratory we started blogs wildly all over the web to see which one we liked better.

We want one that is well documented, reliable and easy to work wit -and that we as co-moderators also feel comfortable with so that we can build a scaffold for our participants. After long considerations pro & con, we have landed on good old mainstream safe, and easy blogger.

This was what we used as participants in last years EVO blog workshop which also makes it easier for us to recycle some of the material. And it has an impressive blog roll of past course participants. Also you will see that it is still active with messages now and then.

We hope to get our group started soon to create their own blogs at blogspot, and we can link to then as well as send out invitations to join our co-blog, alias this one.

Of course we do not mean to disencourage those who wish to fiddle with an alternative, as far as they'll promise to share their hands on experience. We can all learn from what others are doing.

How can we think audio into blogging?

As an example I wish to see if I can link to a voice message that was posted by Wendy in her blog when I wanted to convince her that she could do this easily. Her message is so beautiful! First of all, here's Wendy's blog on that day

This is her message: