Saturday, February 11, 2006

Getting Ready for Valentine's Day

Since we're talking about podcasts this week and Valentine's Day is just around the corner, I wanted to share Cristina's Valentine's Day Wish Competition that she created with her students in Portugal:

Dear Friends, my students have been working on a podcast related with Valentine's day. THey recorded love messages and chose love songs for their Valentine's. we are now waiting for their feedback !:) You can access it here : We also decided to hold a contest to choose the most beautiful love Message. We needed someone to give us that feedback and then I thought :What about the Wia? Is there a better juri than the Webheads themselves? The answer is no, of course. So here I am inviting you to help me on this one. You just have to go to the site and vote on your fave Valentine's message. You can also leave comments. We love the interaction. ;)

Thank you all for your support. ((((hugs)))) Cris

Friday, February 10, 2006

Once you have started using blogs in class, there are so many things to do and learn. One of the ways to learn about blogging in education is to have a look at what other people have already done in their blogs. You are thrilled each time when you come across some good educational blog - no matter whether it is a student's blog, class blog or teacher's blog. It is always useful to come across a list of some good educational blogs of each type for us, educators, to have a look at them and decide what is good for our own classes and what practises to use.
Another thing that seems to be very important is to learn about 'good practises' or techniques used by different people when using blogs in class. It would be a great help for those who have just started educational blogging as well as for those who have been doing it for a while to be able to put it all together.
There are so many things to discuss. For example, how to use collaborative blogging with students? For getting students’ or teacher's feedback, discussion? Or for something else? Personally I do appreciate the advice given by Jane on correcting students' mistakes. I have done it all in class and it worked brilliantly!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Managing students' blogs

Hi Anna,

you're asking how to keep up with your students' blogs? I have a few tips and hoe this is what you're asking for.

First of all, create a blogroll in Bloglines. Add the Bloglines button on the toolbar, and open each of your student blogs, adding them to your blogroll in a specific folder that you've created in Bloglines. This will make it possible for you to see any updates on their blogs. Perhaps you already did this?

Read the help files in Bloglines to learn how to export this list of blog feeds - you save it on your PC as a text document that you name myclassroll.opml

Now the trick is to find the place for locating where to add this blogroll opml file to your blogger template in the side bar script. This sounds a bit tough, but it can be done and there must be an explanation somewhere around in this very YG - I know because I did it a few times but already forgot the exact step by step workaround...
Who's our Helpful Chap jumping in and pointing this out?

Another thing you might want to do is to invite your participants as members of your co-blog (if you did not do so yet, you could just create a new one - it is possible to manage more blogs from thesame user account), Once they have accepted this invitation they can decide to write in teh co-blog or their personal blog. And how do you do this? Open Dashhboard/Settings / members and invite your students one by one, using their email.

PS If anyone still wish to get invited, do not hesitate :-)
PS PS Now that you're around please leave your footprint on our co-blog so that we have something to show off with for our later reference :-)