Saturday, February 25, 2006

End of workshop? Future is NOW :-)

I love this question that was posted by Lisette in our yahoogroup!

Is this the end? I was just beginning to really warm up with
blogging. Is there another course or another level to continue?
Please let me know. I´m really interested in learning more.

yes dear Lisette, offically the Electronic Village Online is only a six week long marathon. Next year you'll have the opportunity to come back and share with oldtimers and newcomers. We would be more that happy to invite you as a co-moderator for a week or more, in EVO 07! That would bring you to a new level, I'm talking here from personal experience.

I don't think you would want to stop once you've got a taste for blogging, podcasting, wikis and so on in collaboration.

We're keeping this Yahoo group open and alive for those who wish to go on sharing.
We have our co-blog at
And, once every month, Bee Dieu is our hostess in the Blogstream salon at Tapped In
There's also the collaboration project for teachers and students.
You can join the Worldbridges sessions on Saturdays (for students and their teachers), and on Sundays (with actors in the field of edublogging)
And then, there are lots of different opportunities to interact with Webheads in Action all over the world.

Actually - this is indeed a never ending story written by all of us who're constantly active with this or that! More or less openly visible, sometimes with other priorities, but always welcome to jump in and share with us your successes and mistakes, your reflections and technical questions, ideas and always messing around with amazing tools - together!

yours, blogsister Sus


Blogger Moonstuff said...

Thank you Sus. I´ll keep updated and will remain in touch. In fact, I´m thinking of expanding my next research in collaborative blogging.
See you around blogsister,

10:25 PM, February 26, 2006  

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