Saturday, February 25, 2006

the first EFL Student webcast show at World Bridges

Please read this invitation from Graham Stanley in his
On Saturday 25th February at 14.00GMT, there will be the first EFL Student webcast show at World Bridges.

We are hoping for an interesting start to this venture, and already have students interested and due to participate this weekend from Argentina, Hungary, Spain, Taiwan, and (hopefully) other many places in the world. Please help us help students to connect to others interested in improving their English language skills and become more aware of other cultures by connecting and communicating with other English language learners during these webcasts.

- and check the smart little Bubbleshare mini manual from his blog, too!

So sorry that I can probably not be with you for this occasion - my grandchildren are too lively and definitely expecting my creative company at that time of the afternoon!


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